Secure Messaging Help


Problem: I did not receive my activation message when registering for the Envelope Service.

Troubleshooting tip: Your activation message may have been sent to the spam folder. Configure your email program to treat the activation message as legitimate mail. To ensure future messages from this service are not accidentally filtered out of your email, please add "" to your Address Book or Safe Sender List.

Error Message: "To open this message, your account must first be activated."

Troubleshooting tip: Check your inbox for an activation email message. Note that the activation message may have been caught by a spam filter or sent to a junk email folder.

Error Message: "Incorrect password. Please try again."

Troubleshooting tip: The password you entered does not match the password for your Cisco Registered Envelope Service account. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Verify that you did not accidentally press the Caps Lock key before entering the password. If you forgot your password, click the Forgot password? link on the envelope.

Problem: Instead of the correct attachment name, my file is called Winmail.dat. How can I correct it?

This issue is caused by Microsoft Outlook. It can be corrected by having the sender resend the message in plain text instead of rich text. For more information, see

Problem: My message is not showing any images and the page appears to be broken.

Check the size of the of the securedoc.html attachment. If it is larger than 100 KB, your IT department may need to allow mail from in your email security settings.

Problem: I reset my account password but it is still showing as blocked when I attempt to log in.

Verify that you typed the e-mail address exactly as it is shown in the 'To' field of the envelope to reset the correct account.

Problem: I'm trying to open my secure message from my email but I am having problems. How can I open it?

If you are having problems opening the secure message attachment from your email program, save the attachment to your computer, and attempt to open it from your Desktop. Some email clients are not suited to opening the secure attachments.

Problem: A colleague forwarded me a secure email. I'm unable to register, and the envelope does not have my address in the To field.

In order to open secure messages, you will need to have them sent directly to your address rather than forwarded.

Problem: I was typing my email, but when I tried to send the message, the page has timed out.

Because the Cisco Registered Envelope Service is a secure messaging device there is a time-out when composing secure messages. If the message is going to take more than a few minutes to enter, Cisco recommends that you compose the message in a text editor and paste it into the reply box to ensure you avoid the time out.

Problem: My message is loading for a very long time, and then it seems to freeze and stop loading.

The time it takes to initially display the securedoc.html file depends on the size of the file and the browser you are using. Large (multi-megabyte) files may take a number of minutes to display.

Contacting Customer Support

For further assistance, contact Customer Support for Cisco Registered Envelope Service by sending an email message to Support is staffed 24 hours a day on weekdays. Telephone support is also available in some locations.
Contact Customer Support.