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  • Douglas Melnick Email Douglas Melnick
    Chief Sustainability Officer


On June 22, 2017, City Council passed Resolution No. 2017-06-22-0031R in support of the Paris Climate Agreement; directing city staff to develop a plan to help San Antonio meet the objectives of this agreement. Approximately two years later, on October 17, 2019, City Council adopted the CAAP by Ordinance 2019-10-17-0840.

In order to effectively implement the CAAP and prioritize strategies, two externally recruited committees will be established: a Technical and Community Advisory Committee and a Climate Equity Advisory Committee. Members of both committees are selected based on technical expertise in elements related to climate mitigation and adaptation or other important areas related to plan implementation; representation of important perspectives; and an interest in collaboration to bring about successful outcomes. On October 8, 2020, City Council approved the full slate of recommended candidates for the Technical & Community Advisory Committee and the Climate Equity Advisory Committee.


The Technical & Community Advisory Committee is comprised of 24 Members total; 17 at-large members, 5 organizational members,1 research collaborator from Southwest Research Institute, and 1 Chair or Vice Chair of the SA Climate Ready Climate Equity Committee. The mission for this Committee includes advising City Staff/City Council on the implementation of the CAAP, and long-term sustainability plans, such as the SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan. The Committee is designed to provide expertise, diverse perspectives, and input regarding implementation of the CAAP as the City works to achieve greenhouse gas reduction and adaptation goals.

The Climate Equity Advisory Committee is comprised of 11 Members total; 10 at-large members and 1 Chair or Vice Chair of the SA Climate Ready Technical & Community Advisory Committee. The mission for this Committee includes advising City staff and City Council on the advancement of equity-centered implementation of the CAAP and long-term sustainability plans, such as the SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan.

In addition to an orientation about the CAAP, members will receive training in equity and racial justice, Members of the committees will serve 2-year terms. More information can be found on the City Clerk’s website.


Technical & Community Advisory Committee
  • DeeDee Belmares | At-large
  • Ashley Bird | At-large
  • James E. Cooper | At-large
  • Estella Cota-Trevino | At-large
  • Matt Cox | At-large
  • Dr. Neil Debbage | At-large
  • Ashley Harris | At-large
  • Stephen Lucke | At-large
  • Dr. Kelly Lyons | At-large
  • Francisco Manon | At-large
  • Richard McDonald | At-large
  • Dr. Jimmy Perkins | At-large
  • John Plescia | At-large
  • Rosalinda Sanquiche | At-large
  • Ryan Webber | At-large
  • Rick Cavender | At-large, Automotive Industry
  • Stephanie Moreno | At-large, Energy Industry
  • Melissa Bryant, San Antonio River Authority | Organizational Member
  • Karen Guz, San Antonio Water System | Organizational Member
  • Kammy Horne, VIA Metropolitan Transit | Organizational Member
  • Marvin Pair, Joint Base San Antonio | Organizational Member
  • Angela Rodriguez, CPS Energy | Organizational Member
  • Miriam Juckett, Southwest Research Institute | Research Collaborator
  • The Chair or Vice-Chair of the Climate Equity Committee

Climate Equity Advisory Committee
  • Aaron Arguello | At-large
  • Dr. Adelita Cantu | At-large
  • Anacua Garcia | At-large
  • Jesus Garcia-Gonzalez | At-large
  • Harjot Kaur | At-large
  • Diana Lopez-Perez | At-large
  • Eloisa Portillo-Morales | At-large
  • Joshua Scott | At-large
  • Dr. Joe Simpson | At-large
  • Tristan Tovar | At-large
  • The Chair or Vice-Chair of the Technical and Community Advisory Committee

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