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On June 22, 2017, City Council passed Resolution No. 2017-06-22-0031R in support of the Paris Climate Agreement; directing city staff to develop a plan to help San Antonio meet the objectives of this agreement. Approximately two years later, on October 17, 2019, City Council adopted the CAAP by Ordinance 2019-10-17-0840.

In order to effectively implement the CAAP, two externally-recruited committees will be established: a Technical and Community Advisory Committee and a Climate Equity Advisory Committee. Members of both committees will be selected based on technical expertise in elements related to climate mitigation and adaptation or other important areas related to plan implementation; representation of important perspectives; and an interest in collaboration to bring about successful outcomes.


Both applications are located on the City Clerk’s website. Spanish applications are available upon request; please contact the Office of Sustainability through our contact page or 210-207-6103.

For questions or issues regarding the online application, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at (210) 207-7253 or via email.


An initial review of applications submitted in February has taken place, however, in light of the current COVID-19 situation, interviews and meetings are on hold until further notice. More information will be sent out as soon as it’s available.

For information regarding the Novel Coronavirus, please visit the following site:

Committee Descriptions

The Technical & Community Advisory Committee is comprised of 21 Members total; 14 at-large members, 6 organizational members, and 1 Chair or Vice Chair of the SA Climate Ready Climate Equity Committee. The mission for this Committee includes advising City Staff/City Council on the implementation of the CAAP, and long-term sustainability plans, such as the SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan. The Committee is designed to provide expertise, diverse perspectives, and input regarding implementation of the CAAP as the City works to achieve greenhouse gas reduction and adaptation goals.

The Climate Equity Advisory Committee is comprised of 11 Members total; 10 at-large members and 1 Chair or Vice Chair of the SA Climate Ready Technical & Community Advisory Committee. The mission for this Committee includes advising City staff and City Council on the advancement of equity-centered implementation of the CAAP and long-term sustainability plans, such as the SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan.

Areas of Expertise and/or Perspectives

Although experience is not required to apply for either Committee, below are the lists of expertise and/or perspectives associated with the Committees.

Please note that these lists are not exhaustive.

SA Climate Ready Technical & Community Advisory Committee

  • Energy Generation/Distribution
  • High Performance/Green Buildings
  • Vehicle Technology
  • Active Transportation/Mobility/Accessibility
  • Food Systems
  • Urban Planning and Land Use
  • Historic Preservation/Cultural Heritage
  • Waste and Consumption
  • Natural Systems: Water/Green Infrastructure/Forestry/Biodiversity
  • Public Health
  • Climate Science
  • Neighborhoods
  • Business and Industry
  • Educational Institutions
  • Social/Environmental/Climate/Racial Justice

SA Climate Ready Climate Equity Advisory Committee

  • Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Climate, Racial Justice
  • Affordable Housing and Houselessness/Homelessness
  • Public Health
  • Food Security
  • Disability and Mobility Justice
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Educational Attainment
  • Small Business
  • Workforce Development
  • Environmental Advocacy

Member Expectations

  • Attend and actively participate in quarterly 2 hour-long meetings (Please note that Committee meetings will be televised and open to the public).
  • Attend annual joint CAAP advisory committee retreat.
  • Participate in CoSA Office of Equity facilitated training.
  • Prepare for the quarterly meetings by reviewing the meeting agenda and completing pre-meeting homework.
  • Alert City Staff of conflicts to participation.
  • Assist with community and stakeholder engagement.
  • Work towards successful outcomes.

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