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The passage of San Antonio’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) in October of 2019 was the end of a multiyear process but the beginning of the implementation phase. If you’d like to access documents that were involved during the process of the CAAP’s adoption, please see below.


  1. Climate Action & Adaptation Plan (English) (PDF)
  2. Climate Action & Adaptation Plan (Spanish) (PDF)
  3. Public Comments on the Plan (PDF)
  4. Survey Feedback on the Plan (PDF)
  5. Public Engagement (PDF)
  6. Organizations Engaged (PDF)
  7. Plan Presentation to City Council (PDF)
  8. Resolutions of Support for the Plan
    1. SAWS (PDF)
    2. SARA (PDF)
    3. CPS (PDF)
    4. VIA (PDF)
    5. Planning Commission (PDF)
  9. Ordinances
    1. Adoption of the CAAP (PDF)
    2. Paris Climate Agreement Resolution (PDF)
  10. Existing City Plans in Support of CAAP Strategies (PDF)
  11. Final Notes from the Steering Committee (PDF)
  12. Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (PDF)
  13. 2016 GHG Inventory (PDF)
  14. Climate Projections for San Antonio (UTSA) (PDF)
  15. Climate Equity Fellowship Report (PDF)

If you’re looking for something in particular, please contact us.

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