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Barbara Drive Drainage Project


  • CPS gas and SAWS water adjustments have been completed on Oblate
  • Contractor has started to install drainage boxes that will cross Oblate
  • Sidewalk installation along channel continues

Crane used to unload drainage boxes

Drainage box installation

Drainage box installation

New sidewalk along channel

New sidewalk along channel








If you have questions about the project, please contact:


Richard Casiano, Capital Projects Officer


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Transportation & Capital Improvements (TCI)
PO Box 839966
San Antonio, Texas 78283-3966



The City of San Antonio and Bexar County are working on a collaborative effort to alleviate flooding in the Shearer Hills and Ridgeview neighborhoods located in Council District 1. Bexar County has performed preliminary engineering studies to analyze methods to reduce flooding in the area. 

In May 2013, this area experienced severe flooding, resulting in significant residential and commercial property damage. As a result, Bexar County revisited the preliminary design of this project and recommended an earthen channel between McCullough and Skipper as the first phase of a four phase project to alleviate flooding in the area. The first phase is anticipated to remove over 40 properties from the effective 1% annual chance (100-year) floodplain. Included in the first phase is the need to acquire approximately 35 residential properties along Barbara Drive and Shannon Lee based on the Bexar County preliminary earthen channel design. 


View the video of flooding from May 25, 2013 on YouTube.

The City of San Antonio and Bexar County agreed, approved by City Council on September 4, 2014, to collaborate funding for the project and for the City of San Antonio to oversee the design and construction of the project. 

The scope of project will consist of removing the existing concrete channel and underground box culvert drainage system east of McCullough Avenue and replacing the existing drainage system with a wider and deeper earthen channel to convey the 1% annual chance (100-year) ultimate design storm. 


View the public meeting presentation from 8-27-15.

View the public meeting presentation 4-28-2016

    Public Meeting Questions & Answers 4-28-2016

   Barbara Drainage Public Meeting Flyer 

View the public meeting presentation from 6-29-17.

Barbara Drainage one pager hand-out



  • Structure demolition is complete with the exception of one.
  • All remaining items such as fences will remain until construction. These will discourage vehicular traffic and help provide a barrier from the existing channel drop off condition.
  • 100% Design has been completed. 
  • Public pre-construction meeting held on June 29, 2017.


  • All but one of the properties within the project limits have been acquired by the City of San Antonio. However, the property owner is under contract and will be relocated within the next month.


  • City forces will maintain lawns to keep a neat appearance and deter insects.


  • 1 Construction Cost does not include Engineering, Environmental, or Real Estate Acquisition costs

Project is under construction (as of January 2018): 

Project Timeline (as of September 2014): 

  • Real Estate Acquisition Process: Estimate 18-24 months to complete 
  • Consultant Selection Process: Estimate 12 months to complete 
  • Obtain Contractor and Construct Project: Estimate 12-18 months to complete 
  • Total: 3-3.5 years

Approximately 35 properties along Barbara Drive and Shannon Lee will be purchased to complete this project. 

Affected property owners will be contacted by the City of San Antonio Transportation and Capital Improvements Department (TCI) Real Estate Team to share more information. For more information, please contact Steve Hodges (210-207-8234) or Hector Reynoso (210-207-8688). 

Residential Property owners within the project path may be eligible for the following payments: 

  1. Actual Moving and Related Expenses Payment 
    1. Actual moving and related expenses or 
    2. Fixed moving payment based on a Department of Transportation Moving Cost Schedule 
  2. Replacement Housing Payment
    Difference of the cost to acquire a comparable, decent, safe and sanitary replacement home and price paid for your home For Tenant/Occupants: Difference of the rent to be paid at a comparable, decent, safe and sanitary replacement home and current rent; and 
    1. Incidental expenses related to sale of home to City; and 
    2. Incidental expenses related to the purchase of replacement home; and 
    3. Interest rate differential (if applicable) 

Residents will also be provided with advisory services including referrals to social services, referrals to comparable housing, an explanation of assistance and timely notices. 

Notices will include: 

  • General Information Notice: Provided before any acquisition activity takes place, generally explains the benefits that you may be eligible to receive, and informs residents/owners of the project, the intent of the City o San Antonio to acquire the property, and cautions residents not to move prematurely 
  • Intent to Purchase: Written Offer to Acquire your Home 
  • Notice of Eligibility for Relocation Assistance: Informs you of the maximum amount of your replacement housing payment and fixed moving payment 
  • 90 Day Notice to Vacate: Displaced persons will be given at least 90 days to vacate their property; notice will indicate the earliest date on which your property is to be vacated 
  • 30 Day Notice to Vacate: Notice will have the exact date your property is to be vacated

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Pete Rodriguez 
Capital Projects Officer
City of San Antonio

Steve Hodges 
Real Estate Manager
City of San Antonio

Hector Reynoso 
Sr. Real Estate Specialist
City of San Antonio


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