About TVSA

City information is as close as your television.  Tune in to TVSA for programs that will help you better understand how your municipal government is working for you. TVSA is available on Time Warner Cable channel 21; Grande Cable Channel 20; AT&T U-verse channel 99 and online on the TVSA website.

TVSA programs cover a wide variety of issues. Watch live City Council meetings, B-session meetings, or Bexar County Commissioners' Court meetings. Find your City Council members' monthly programs. Several City departments and City agencies produce their own shows to inform and educate residents about all of the services they provide. TVSA also offers special programs throughout the year such as the annual Our Part of Town district talent shows or other current programs. Check our live TransGuide coverage before you head out on your morning or afternoon commute. If you are channel surfing, our TVSA notices have information on upcoming events or tips on how to utilize City services.

For more information regarding programming on TVSA, call the City's Communications and Public Affairs Department at 207-7234.

TVSA is a government access channel granted to the City of San Antonio for the purpose of cablecasting government television programming. The Communications and Public Affairs Department manages the channel. Management includes the production, acquisition, scheduling and cablecasting of programs on TVSA. The Communications and Public Affairs Department also manages the Public Access Channel and production facilities, which create programs and provide assistance to other City departments utilizing the channel.