These are some frequently asked questions you may have for TVSA.

Who can produce a public access television program?

Any individual or group who resides in the City of San Antonio can register to become a Public Access Television Producer and air a program on the channel.

How often is programming time made available?

All programming time is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, at no charge to the producer. Producers can submit programs on a monthly basis (the same program airs each week for one month).

What types of programs are accepted?

All programming must be locally produced and non-commercial. A wide variety of programs air on the Public Access channel including those with the following content: arts, music, culture, comedy, children/youth and religious/spiritual, to name a few. Programs used for training, documentaries, and interview shows also air on the channel.

What program format is accepted?

All programs must be 30 minutes in length and submitted as a regular DVD or a MPEG2 data file.

How do I become a TVSA Public producer?

Visit our Studios & Services page to see the form and process to become a producer.