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  • David McElroy
    TVSA Studio Manager
  • Cliff Brannon 
    AV Production Supervisor
  • Frank Burns 
    Television Programming Coordinator

TVSA is a network of television channels featuring PEG content (Public, Education, and Government Access). This content is typically only available to cable subscribers, however, residents of San Antonio also have the options of viewing this content broadcast over-the-air on channel 16 (with digital antenna) and streaming on this website.

  AT&T Grande Spectrum Digital Antenna
Government 99 20 21  
Public 99 19 20  
Education 99 21 98  
Broadcast       16

View Secondary Audio Programming Remote Control Instructions

TVSA Espanol

El contenido en español de TVSA está disponible en varias plataformas digitales accesibles para los residentes de San Antonio.

En Vivo

SAP (Second Audio Program) en español está disponible durante todas las reuniones en vivo del Consejo de la Ciudad para las personas viendo por cable o televisión abierta usando la función en el control remoto de su televisor o a través del menú de su televisor. También está disponible durante reuniones en vivo en línea en haciendo clic en el enlace de Video en Español.


En el canal de televisión, el contenido en español se transmite los viernes por la mañana a partir de las 8 a.m. y los sábados por la noche a partir de las 5 p.m. El contenido incluye las reuniones del Consejo de la Ciudad y las sesiones B de la semana actual o anterior, seguidas de todos los demás contenidos originales en español producidos por TVSA.

On Demand

Los videos en español producidos por TVSA están disponibles en Youtube en y Las reuniones del Consejo de la Ciudad en español están disponibles en bajo Juntas del Consejo de la Ciudad.

Spanish language TVSA video content is available on a variety of platforms for San Antonio residents.


Spanish language SAP (Second Audio Program) is available during all live City Council meetings for cable and broadcast audiences by accessing the feature on your TV remote control or through your television menu. It is also available during live meetings online at by clicking on the Video en Español link.


On the television channel, Spanish language content airs on Friday mornings beginning at 8 a.m. and on Saturday evenings beginning at 5 p.m. Content includes the City Council Meetings and B sessions from the current or previous week followed by all other original Spanish language content produced by TVSA.

On Demand

Spanish language videos produced by TVSA are available on Youtube at & Spanish language City Council meetings are available at under the Juntas del Consejo de la Ciudad tab

What Airs on TVSA Channels 

TVSA Government

City Council Meetings, Work Sessions, bulletins and notices, messages from City Council members and City Departments, and original programming to educate residents on City services and programs. In addition, the City of San Antonio partners with Bexar County to air Commissioner?s Court meetings on the Government channel. Start watching live on the web.
TVSA Public

Non-commercial programming produced by members of the San Antonio community. Producers have the opportunity to exercise their First Amendment right of freedom of speech by utilizing City-owned television studios and other available equipment or by submitting finished produced content for playback. Start watching live on the web.

TVSA Education

Provides educational resources for all learners. All programs are non-commercial such as Curious George, Strategic Pathways, The Poet's Corner and Trinity University. Any local college, university, non-profit or K- 12 school can announce or present their educational program and school activity to the community. Start streaming the education channel.
TVSA YouTube

The City of San Antonio's YouTube Channel, also known as "COSAGOV" features numerous videos meant to inform, educate, and/or entertain. The video topics run the gamut from proposed budgets and Code Enforcement public service announcements, to the City's press conferences and popular cultural events. Start watching and subscribe now.