World Heritage Ambassador Program

Program Overview

The World Heritage Ambassador Program is managed by the City of San Antonio World Heritage Office, and is a collaborative effort with Visit San Antonio and its Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) program. The World Heritage Ambassador Program trains CTAs on the intricacies of the World Heritage inscription process, including the authenticity and integrity of the five San Antonio Mission sites and surrounding Buffer Zone, various historical components of the history and heritage surrounding the Missions, and San Antonio’s UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy designation. Read more about the program in the full overview (PDF, 276KB).


  • Must be a Certified Tourism Ambassador with a valid CTA Member number (found on CTA card) 
  • Register and successfully complete the Online Program with a passing grade of 70% 
  • After successfully completing the free online course, all World Heritage Ambassadors also will be required to: 
    • renew their Ambassador Certification annually by attending at least one World Heritage Ambassador Learning Opportunity each calendar year, hosted by the World Heritage Office 
    • and present two (2) independent World Heritage tours for one or more people within the calendar year

Completion Benefits

  • CTAs who complete the World Heritage Ambassador Program will earn 20 points toward their annual recertification. 
  • Receive certificate of completion from the World Heritage Office. 
  • Receive an official World Heritage Ambassador pin. 
  • Ambassadors are part of a distinguished group of hospitality professionals who play a key role in ensuring a consistent portrayal of facts as they relate to the Missions.

Online Course and Registration

If you are a current Certified Tourism Ambassador and interested in becoming a World Heritage Ambassador, please contact Javier Flores with the World Heritage Office to register. 

The free online course is available through the City of San Antonio’s online training system. Once you are a registered CTA, if you are not currently a City of San Antonio employee, you will need to Create a New Account (PDF, 431KB) to access the system. Once you have created a new account, contact Javier Flores for next steps.