The World Heritage Office and Transportation & Capital Improvements Department completed an infrastructure assessment throughout the World Heritage Buffer Zone and identified an overall need of $46.5 million. This assessment includes the $14.8 million for street improvements for 70 miles of roadway, $23.5 million for 50 miles of sidewalk gaps, and $8.2 million to bury utility lines.

Currently, the City through the budget process has allocated $2.8 million or 11 percent of the overall infrastructure needed for street, sidewalk and transportation projects in the area. Approximately $730,000 has been committed to ensure pedestrian connectivity and $132,000 for two transportation projects connecting the San Antonio River to Mission San José and eventually to Mission Marquee. In addition, $2.4 million will be invested to improve the road surface along the primary driving route also known as the World Heritage Trail.

Additional funding is available in the adopted FY 2017 – FY 2021 Infrastructure Management Program, or IMP, for street and sidewalk improvement projects. This is a 5 year rolling city-wide plan, to provide for the maintenance of San Antonio’s infrastructure, that can change based upon input from the community and Council. During the annual budget process, the proposed IMP is presented to Council for approval.

The 2012 bond program allocates $16M for streets, sidewalks, parks and open space renovations, and new recreational facilities in and around the World Heritage area. One of these projects is the Espada Road Project, which is currently under construction.

Additionally, as part of the current 2017 Bond process, $37M in total has been recommended for World Heritage related projects. Of this, there is $25 million proposed for improving key corridor streets in the area. $5 million is proposed for a comprehensive signage and wayfinding package. $2.5 million proposed for general park rehabilitation improvements and land acquisition including. There is also an investment of $5M proposed for a new facility that could serve as an orientation center, exhibit and community space.


August 8, 2017-World Heritage Sidewalks & Street Improvements Open House (Mission San Juan & Espada Area)-  San Juan Notice • Espada Notice



Espada Road Improvements to Enhance World Heritage Access • News Release

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