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Community Partners

Many organizations within San Antonio focus on making our city a more vibrant place to live, work and play. Each of these organizations offers a variety of resources to residents and businesses to help meet the short-term and long-term needs of the community.

The Alamo

The Alamo was founded in 1718 as the first mission in San Antonio, serving as a way station between east Texas and Mexico. The Texas General Land Office has authority over the Alamo and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas are in charge of the daily operation of this historic mission.

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Centro San Antonio

Centro San Antonio is a public-private non-profit organization entrusted with envisioning and fostering a vibrant and prosperous center city that benefits the entire San Antonio Community. Centro focuses on guiding and leading development in the center city.

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Visit San Antonio promotes and markets San Antonio as a leisure, convention and meeting, special event, and film location destination. This is accomplished through partnerships with the private sector and other marketing efforts.

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The Downtown Alliance

The Downtown Alliance works to protect and enhance the values and usage of downtown properties and businesses, making center city an exciting place to live, work, shop and play.

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The Downtown Residents Association

The Downtown Residents Association perpetuates the social well being of residents living in the center city; preserves, protects and develops the center city area; provides a quality environment for living and enjoying the multicultural heritage of San Antonio.

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The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce helps create a business-friendly environment, promote local businesses and provide events and tools for new businesses relocating to San Antonio.

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The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce acts as an advocate and resource for Hispanic businesses and Hispanics in business in San Antonio and the greater area. The chamber provides custom business development and advocacy programs to facilitate business opportunities.

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San Antonio Hotel and Lodging Association

San Antonio Hotel and Lodging Association promotes the interests of the greater San Antonio lodging industry. The association is committed to community involvement regarding the development of the existing and future employee base and market innovations and growth.

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The King William Association

The King William Association was founded in 1967 as a voluntary neighborhood group designed to address urban and neighborhood issues, communicate ideas to city officials and provide information to residents and visitors. The King William neighborhood is rich in history and cultural diversity and includes three local and national historic districts.

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Lavaca Neighborhood Association

The Purpose of Lavaca Neighborhood is to enhance the vitality of the neighborhood, to advocate and provide a forum for the community and to promote and preserve Lavaca’s historical, cultural and social character. The Lavaca Neighborhood is the oldest existing neighborhood in San Antonio.

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Magik Children’s Theatre

The Magik Theatre is one of San Antonio’s leading performing arts organizations, and has been educating and entertaining hundreds of thousands of children for over 18 years.

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Majestic / Empire Theatre

The Majestic and Empire Theatres are San Antonio's premier performing arts facilities featuring Broadway shows, concerts, comedians, and other live events.

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The mission of the Alameda Theater Conservancy is to be a vital presenter of Latino arts and culture, and to manage and program the Alameda Complex. In recognition of the role of the arts to unite people, the ATC aims to serve everyone in San Antonio and those who visit with programming that entertains, educates and inspires.

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The San Antonio River Walk Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1969 to promote and to support the San Antonio River Walk. The association serves as an advocate, facilitator, and moderator among the business, civic and governmental communities involved with the River Walk.

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Public Art San Antonio (PASA)

Public Art San Antonio supports a public process for incorporating artist services and artworks in the design of civic spaces and capital projects and to define the City’s policies and guidelines for acquiring and commissioning art of the highest standards to enrich the quality of life for all residents and visitors.

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San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside (SAGE)

San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside is a non-profit organization serving as an economic development resource for current and future business owners in the community. SAGE focuses on development that mutually benefits the quality of life for individuals, families, neighborhoods and businesses on the Eastside.

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The San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA)

The San Antonio Housing Authority is committed “to building and maintaining affordable housing for the citizens of our community.” SAHA seeks to create safe neighborhoods by partnering with individuals and organizations to provide housing, education and employment opportunities for families of modest means enabling them to become self-sufficient and to improve their quality of life.

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The San Antonio Independent School District

The San Antonio Independent School District services approximately 55,000 students and is the third largest public school system in the Bexar County area, as well as the 13th largest in the state of Texas. SAISD provides a comprehensive instructional program and related services for students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, including a college preparatory curriculum, magnet programs and specialized schools.

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The San Antonio Conservation Society

The San Antonio Conservative Society exists to preserve and to encourage the preservation of historic buildings, objects, places and customs related to the history of Texas. The society does so to educate the public, particularly youth, about our inherited regional values and history.

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San Antonio Parks Foundation

San Antonio Parks Foundation provides enhancements to the parks of the City of San Antonio and of the County of Bexar which improve the quality of life for citizens.

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The San Antonio River Authority (SARA)

The San Antonio River Authority preserves, protects, and manages the resources and environment of the San Antonio River and its tributaries. SARA is the project manager for the recent expansion of the San Antonio River as well as the Mission Reach.

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San Antonio Water System (SAWS)

San Antonio Water System is a public utility owned by the City and governed by the San Antonio Water System Board of Trustees. Since SAWS formation, San Antonio has been nationally recognized for its novel conservation efforts and proactive water management planning.

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The Tourism Council

The Tourism Council is a private sector organization comprised of stakeholders and enterprises relying on tourism directly or indirectly for all or part of their business. The council’s mission is “to promote and support the development of the visitor industry while preserving and enhancing the special character of the city and surrounding area.

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Tower of the Americas

Located in downtown San Antonio, the 750-foot-tall Tower of the Americas provides a spectacular view of the Alamo City. Enjoy the gorgeous panorama from the Tower’s revolving Chart House Restaurant, take in the scenery from the Observation Deck or experience the 4D Theater Ride.

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VIA Metropolitan Transit

VIA Metropolitan Transit began providing transportation services to the San Antonio public in March 1978. VIA is currently developing a comprehensive system plan which includes a streetcar and/or light rail system for center city.

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Westside Development Corporation

Westside Development Corporation strives to foster economic development, promote the development and redevelopment of real estate, create viable urban communities, and preserve the character, culture and history of the Westside.

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