Development Services Department - Code Enforcement Services
Graffiti Education

Office Location

  • Physical Address
  • Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center
  • Development Services Department Map
  • 1901 South Alamo Street
  • San Antonio, TX 78204

  • Mailing Address
  • ATTN: Code Enforcement Services
  • P.O. Box 839966
  • San Antonio, TX 78283-3966


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Key Staff

  • Amin Tohmaz
    Deputy Director Field Services
  • Danny Liguez Contact Danny Liguez
    Development Services Mgr.
  • Michael Uresti Contact Michael Uresti
    Development Services Mgr.
  • Phil Laney Contact Phil Laney
    Sr. Special Projects Manager

Graffiti is....

  • Any unauthorized inscription, word, letter, figure, symbol or design 
  • Visible from a public place, public right-of-way or another person's property
  • Marked, etched, scratched, drawn, painted or made in any manner
  • On any surface of tangible property regardless of its content or nature and regardless of the nature of the material of the structural component or property.
Unauthorized Graffiti

Examples of unauthorized graffiti include the following:

  • Graffiti is inconsistent with the design and use of the subject property
  • There is no specific written authorization by the owner on file with the department for the graffiti
  • The person causing the graffiti was unknown to the owner.

Graffiti Tools INCLUDE

  • Any aerosol paint container
  • Any type of felt tip marker, paint stick, etching tool, or adhesive materials
  • Include stickers or items capable of scarring or otherwise defacing glass, metal, concrete or wood



            1. 1. Report          2.  2. Record            3.3. Remove    

  1. REPORT - File a report as soon as possible by contacting the non-emergency police number, 210.207.SAPD.
  2. RECORD - Take a picture of the graffiti (for homeowner's insurance and/or police report).
  3. REMOVE - Remove the graffiti from your property within 72 hours to prevent graffiti from spreading and reoccurring.

contacts for non-city property

AT&T 800.246.8464
Clear Channel 210.227.3451
CPS Energy 210.353.2525
Grande Comm 210.320.4600
SAWS 210.704.7897
Time Warner 210.244.0500
TxDOT 210.623.4431
Union Pacific 888.877.7267
VIA Metro 210.363.2020

CITY Contacts

  • Call 311 to report graffiti on  City property/infrastructure
  • Call 210.207.SAPD (7273) to report graffiti in action
  • Call 210.207.BUFF (2833) for more information