Municipal Court Internship Program

The San Antonio Municipal Court Department has developed an Internship/Mentorship program in coordination with Fox Tech High School’s Legal Magnet. Students work with mentors Monday through Friday for two hours each day. The students and mentors have responsibilities and requirements to establish a successful internship program. The following are requirements for each:

Students are required to do the following:
  • Check in daily with teacher prior to leaving campus
  • To meet with mentor regularly
  • Keep notes on all classes
  • Keep daily time card and daily journal which will be checked regularly 
  • Provide continual training in domestic violence issues for law enforcement, legal, and judicial members of the justice system
  • Keep portfolio of all research done
Mentors are required to do the following:
  • Work with students personally at least one hour a week
  • Have students work with others in office
  • Help students develop portfolio
  • Provide written feedback to teacher regarding students on weekly basis  
  • Provide verbal feedback to teacher periodically

The Municipal Court Department will accommodate approximately two (2) students during the Spring semester. The following sections will participate: Operations and Records Division, Court Services Division, Magistrate Division, and the Judiciary. Each of these sections has volunteered to commit to the responsibilities of coordinating constructive activities that will benefit the student as well as the department. Students will spend time in each section to develop an understanding of the Municipal Court as a whole. Students are assigned to one mentor, but will rotate every two weeks to a new section. Students will participate in such activities as monitoring and assisting judges, observing jury and non-jury dockets, retrieving paperwork for trials, assisting in researching of cases, and verifying cases. The students will receive school credit and a grade for this internship.

This program offers a wonderful opportunity for these students to experience the criminal justice and legal field first-hand. Being a mentor is a rewarding experience because it enables participants to share their knowledge of Municipal Court, guide and mentor students, and have fun in the process.