Smoking Ordinance

The City of San Antonio passed a Smoking Ordinance (# 2010-08-19-0697) that takes affect on August 19, 2011. The ordinance is located at:

Submittal of an application to build an outdoor patio requires a building permit that includes review of construction plans and inspections during construction. Along with the application, the department has a checklist to help customers provide the information needed to quickly review the permit construction documents. The application and the checklist are both required to be submitted and are located at:

Under section 7 of the ordinance the Department of Development Services will waive fees until August 19, 2011 for projects to build new outdoor patios for existing bars and restaurants. Under the Scope of Work section of the application, customers should indicate that the patio is being built because of the smoking ordinance. The waivers of fees are for normal fees associated with permits, but not for extra services provided by the department.

The Department of Development Services will try to expedite the permit reviews and issue permits as quickly as possible to help owners meet the August 19th deadline.

For more information on the smoking ordinance please see the San Antonio Metro Health web page. They can also help with defining what is acceptable as an outdoor patio to meet the smoking ordinance. Their phone number is 207-8853 or email at

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