Tree/Landscaping/Irrigation Review Team

Welcome to the Tree Landscaping and Irrigation review team. We assist in insuring that San Antonio not only keeps its beautiful and unique character, but also retains its environmental integrity as the City makes way for new development. These ordinances are enforced by the City of San Antonio’s Development Services Department.

The Landscape Ordinance went into effect January 9, 1994 and applies to commercial development. It was revised on January 7, 2002 and amended on March 4, 2003. The primary purpose of the ordinance is to increase the attractiveness of commercial developments and reduce their negative environmental impact while adding property value.

Landscape Brochure
2005 Landscape Ordinance
Landscape Plan Submittal Requirements

The City of San Antonio Irrigation Standards were implemented on January 7, 2002, and amended April 4, 2002. The primary purpose of the ordinance is to establish best management practices for adoption by irrigation designers and contractors for the purpose of promoting urban water conservation through efficient design, installation and consumer education.

Irrigation Brochure
2002 Irrigation Ordinance
Irrigation Plan Submittal Requirements

The Tree Preservation Ordinance went into effect March, 1997 for commercial and May 1, 1997 for residential development. San Antonio Tree Preservation Ordinance is effective throughout San Antonio and its extraterritorial jurisdictional area (ETJ). The ordinance was adopted by City Council on March 13, 2003.

Tree Brochure
1997 Tree Ordinance
2003 Tree Preservation
2006 Tree Preservation Amendments
Tree Preservation Plan Submittal Requirements

Forms you may need for Tree Preservation, Landscape, & Irrigation:
Tree Affidavit
Tree Inventory Spreadsheet
Variance Request
Tree Removal Permit

Additional Information:
Recommended Plant List for San Antonio
Invasive Plants for Central Texas
Small Tree Species
Use of excess tree canopy for mitigation
Tree Protection Details
Tree Protection Notes
Fee Schedule
Information Bulletins
Development Services Department - Permit Process

Contact Us:
Assistant City Arborist
       (210) 207-0213

Sr. Plans Examiner Commercial Plan Review
Jacob Sanchez
Jacob Sanchez   (210) 207-0161

Plans Examiner II Commercial Plan Review
Antonette Villereal
Antonette Villereal (210) 207-0029 

Plans Examiner I Residential Plan Review
Amparo Arriaga
Amparo Arriaga  (210) 207-0010

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