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UDC training program:
The training documentation on the UDC is available for online viewing:

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UDC amendment process:
The UDC provides for a routine amendment process every 5 years. Submitted amendments are intended to make the UDC easier to use and consistent with other applicable laws and regulations. Amendments in-between the 5-year cycles are also considered as needed or directed.

Downtown Design Guide amendments

Presentation on the 2010 Biennial Update Program


UDC Online:
The Unified Development Code (UDC) may be accessed on the Municipal Code Corporation by the following link.
 To view code:
 To buy code:

Formal UDC Interpretations (Rule Interpretation Determinations):

Related materials:
Urban Design Programs including Corridor Districts, Sign Districts and Neighborhood Conservation Districts. (For information, contact the Zoning Section by calling (210) 207-1111.      http://www.sanantonio.gov/planning/npud/urbandesign.aspx 

For information on the water quality ordinance, including impervious cover and BMPs, please refer to City Code Chapter 34, Article VI, Division 6:

or view Municipal Code site at:

All other sections of the City Code may be viewed at:



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