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Where do I get Started?

  1. For general zoning information on a particular property and allowable uses in a specific zoning district please view the links provided below on this page or contact customer service at (210) 207-1111.
  2. Once you have identified your project site project coordination planners are available to assist in the verification of development requirements. Please contact either Zenon "Zeke" Solis at (210) 207-7796 or John Osten at (210) 207-2187. These staff members are also available on a walk-in basis to assist you.
  3. Once your project has filed a rezoning or variance request it recommended that you work directly with your case manager. Planner contact information is below. These staff members as well as the Senior Planner and Section Manager are also available on an appointment basis to assist you.

About Us

The Zoning Section is primarily responsible for administering Article III of the City of San Antonio's Unified Development Code.  Through zoning, the city regulates building mass, density and land usage. Zoning recognizes the changing demographic and economic conditions, as well as general community development of the city, and is a key tool for carrying out our comprehensive plan. The Zoning Section is responsible for the following functions:

  • Zoning and rezoning of property within the San Antonio city limits

  • Includes zoning verification letters and nonconforming use registration

  • Zoning appeals, special exceptions and variances (Board of Adjustment)

The information below and accompanying links will provide detailed information about these functions. If you are unable to acquire the necessary information here, please contact us. Thank you for visiting the Zoning Section's website.
Please visit the City South Management Authority website for planning and zoning information related to property within the jurisdiction of the CSMA.


     Zoning Section Organizational Chart
     Online Zoning Map
     Online Zoning Map User Guide
     Unified Development Code (UDC)
     Airport Hazard Overlay District (AHOD) Map
     Military Lighting Overlay District (MLOD) Map  

Zoning Section

Zoning is the city planning tool with which a municipality is shaped. The term zoning refers to the authority a municipality has to regulate land uses, including the size, shape and permitted uses of lots and structures. The City of San Antonio has codified numerous types of allowable land-uses and the zoning in which said land-use is permissible. The City of San Antonio Unified Development Code is flexible in order to accommodate the changing neighborhood dynamics and conditions that may necessitate a zoning district change. Property owners may initiate a zoning change at any time by filing an application with the Zoning Section of the Development Services Department.

To receive consultation concerning a potential zoning change request for your property, please contact staff for assistance.

Zoning Commission

All zoning change requests will be considered by the City's Zoning Commission for a public hearing and formal recommendation.
The Commission's recommendation, along with Staff's recommendation, is forwarded to City Council for final consideration at a subsequent public hearing.

Below, you will find helpful links including the rezoning application.
Description of Zoning Districts & Examples of Permitted Uses
Rezoning Application
Application Submittal Calendar
Zoning Commission Membership and City Council Districts
Neighborhoods and Urban Design Section


Planning Commission (Plan Amendments Only)

All plan amendment change requests will be considered by the City's Planning Commission for a public hearing and formal recommendation prior to any corresponding Zoning Applications. The Commission's recommendation, along with Staff's recommendation, is forwarded to City Council for final consideration at a subsequent public hearing.

NEW! 2014 Application Submittal Calendar
NEW! Master Plan Amendment Application Form

Non-Conforming Uses

A non-conforming use is a land use that was legally existing prior to the effective date of a zoning district reclassification which no longer allows the use on that property, and that has not been discontinued for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months since. The City of San Antonio encourages property owners to register their non-conforming use(s) in order to efficiently facilitate the permitting process and to provide formal recognition of a legal land use.

Application for Determination and Registration of Non-Conforming Use

Zoning Verification Letter

A zoning verification letter identifies a property's current zoning, based on the zoning map. It is common for a property owner to request a letter of zoning verification when attempting to acquire or sell property, or for a lender or title company to verify that a use is consistent with the current zoning.

Application for Zoning Verification

  Variances, Special Exceptions and Appeals

Should a property owner, or interested party, believe that a strict interpretation of a zoning regulation creates an unnecessary and/or unique physical hardship a variance or appeal may be requested. This process includes a public hearing before San Antonio's Board of Adjustment. The purpose of this process is to enable municipalities to maintain an effective zoning ordinance and still address hardships created by unique individual property characteristics. The creation of a board that considers such appeals is necessitated by the fact that every piece of property is different, as is the context in which each property is situated. Therefore, one city ordinance could not be applicable, in its entirety, to every piece of property. If the code were to be interpreted literally in every case, then an aggrieved property owner would be made to seek legal action in order to remedy their specific situation. The creation of a Board of Adjustment provides the citizens of a municipality with an efficient option to address their specific needs without immediately requiring legal action or requesting amendments to the City Code; both of which are time-consuming and costly.
San Antonio's Board of Adjustment has the authority to consider the following:
1. Variance Requests - Upon specific findings of fact, a variance
     would allow a deviation from certain zoning ordinance
     requirements. If granted, it permits the property to be used in a way
     that is ordinarily not permitted by the zoning ordinance. It is not a
     change in the zoning law but a waiver of a certain requirement of the
     zoning ordinance.
2. Special Exception Requests - The granting of a Special
     Exception allows for certain specified land uses in a given zoning
     district that generally require an in-depth study to ensure that the
     proposed use is developed in harmony with the surrounding land
3. Appeal of Administrative Decisions - Appeals of decisions
     made by staff of the City of San Antonio.

  Zoning Board of Adjustment

BOA decisions are final but may be appealed to District Court or County Court at Law.
Below, you will find helpful links including information on the Zoning Board of Adjustments and various applications.

Zoning/BOA Informational Brochure
Zoning/BOA Membership
Zoning/Board of Adjustment Rules and Procedures
     Certificate of Appropriateness Appeal
     Parking Adjustment
     Sign Variance
     Special Exceptions:
           One-operator beauty/barber shop
           Noncommercial parking lot
           Building/structure relocation
           Ornamental-iron front yard fence
           Commercial/Industrial district front yard fence
           MLOD lighting plan
Application Submittal Calendar


Staff Contact Information

We are always available to assist you with your customer service inquiries.

General zoning inquiries: (210) 207-1111

Planning Manager    
Catherine Hernandez Catherine.Hernandez@sanantonio.gov 210.207.5085
Principal Planner    
Kristie M. Flores Kristie.Flores@sanantonio.gov 210.207.5876
Senior Planners    
Margaret Pahl, AICP  Margaret.Pahl@sanantonio.gov 210.207.8208
Zeke Solis  Zenon.Solis@sanantonio.gov 210.207.7796
John Osten, AICP  John.Osten@sanantonio.gov 210.207.2187
Trenton Robertson  Trenton.Robertson@sanantonio.gov 210.207.3074
Planners (Case Managers)    
Brenda Martinez Brenda.Martinez@sanantonio.gov 210.207.7945
Ernest Brown Ernest.Brown@sanantonio.gov 210.207.5017
Tyler Sorrells, AICP Tyler.Sorrells@sanantonio.gov 210.207.7395
Robert Acosta Robert.Acosta@sanantonio.gov 210.207.0157
Logan Sparrow Logan.Sparrow@sanantonio.gov 210.207.8691
Mary Moralez-Gonzales Mary.Moralez-Gonzales@sanantonio.gov 210.207.5550

Please be advised that our staff receives numerous requests for information each day. Consequently, we may not be able to respond to you on the day of your inquiry. This is especially true if your request reaches our staff during the second half of the day. Be assured that, should we not have the opportunity to contact you on the day of your inquiry, you will be contacted on the next business day.

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