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CDBG Regulations - 24 CFR Part 570

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Playing by the Rules - A Handbook for CDBG Subrecipients on Administrative Systems

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HOME Regulations - 24 CFR Part 92          

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Developing Projects with HOME Funds: Ten Things You Need to Know About Relocation and the Uniform Act (URA)

2012 HOME Income Limits

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HOME 221 (d)(3) Limits (Effective 1/1/12)

Maximum Purchase Price or After Rehab Value Limits (effective 04/29/2012)

Utility Allowances (Effective 6/1/11)

CHDO Toolbox for HOME PJ's

HUD Approved Closing Costs

FHA Mortgage Limits



Affirmative Marketing Plan - The Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing (AFHM) Plan is a marketing strategy or approach designed to attract renters and buyers that would be least likely to apply to assisted multi-family or single-family developments. The City of San Antonio requires that all recipients and subrecipients of HOME or CDBG funds, for all projects resulting in five (5) or more assisted housing units, implement affirmative marketing approaches as part of the overall marketing strategy.

Analysis of Impediments - The Analysis of Impediments (AI) is a review of impediments to fair housing choice in the public and private sector. The Analysis of Impediments involves a comprehensive review of an entitlement jurisdictions laws, regulations and administrative policies, procedures, and practices. In addition, the Analysis of Impediments is an assessment of conditions, both public and private, affecting fair housing choice.

FY 2012-2013 Annual Action Plan/Budget - In May 2012, the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of Community Planning and Development introduced the eCon Planning Suite, a collection of new online tools to assist grantees in creating market-driven, leveraged housing and community development plans. One of these tools, the Consolidated Plan Template, allows grantees to develop and submit their Five Year Consolidated Plans and Annual Action Plans online. For FY 2013, the City of San Antonio was one of only a few cities nationwide requested to pilot the online Action Plan. The following document is an exported version of the Annual Action Plan entered in HUD’s Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS). The FY 2012-2013 Annual Action Plan/Budget was submitted to HUD on August 15, 2012.

FY 2011-2012 Annual Action Plan/Budget - In accordance with HUD Regulations, the Annual Action Plan/Budget addresses the needs and objectives identified in the Five-Year Consolidated Plan. The FY 2011-2012 Annual Action Plan/Budget was submitted to HUD on August 12, 2011.

Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER), Program Year 2010 - The Program Year (PY) 2010 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) illustrates the City of San Antonio’s efforts to coordinate funding to deliver comprehensive community development projects and services to its citizens. This report summarizes how federal funds were invested between October 1, 2010 and September 30, 2011 (Program Year 2010) to meet the goals and objectives identified in the 2010-2014 (October 1, 2010 – September 30, 2014) City of San Antonio Consolidated Plan.

2010-2014 Consolidated Plan - A comprehensive approach to encourage the planning and development of housing and community and economic development projects for the period of FY 2010 - 2014.

2001 Housing Master Plan - The goals and objectives of the housing master plan include expanding affordable housing opportunities, expanding special needs housing opportunities, encouraging desirable housing development projects, encouraging the development of partnership between developers, financial institutions and nonprofit agencies, improving program efficiencies, and encouraging urban design standards and amenities.

Davis-Bacon & Related Acts - Provides local laborers and contractors a fair opportunity to compete and participate in building programs that are wholly or partially funded by the Federal government.  It protects local wage standards by preventing contractors from basing their bids on wages lower than the prevailing wages in the area.  

URA and Section 104(d) Policy and Procedures - The City of San Antonio's policy regarding relocation undertaken with HOME or CDBG funds.  The programs and policies of the City of San Antonio for federally assisted projects and programs shall be consistent with the requirements of the Uniform Relocation Act and Section 104(d) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974.

-Handbook 1378

-24 CFR 42.375 (104d)

-49 CFR Part 24 (Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition for Federal and         Federally Assisted Programs)

-City of San Antonio One-For-One Replacement Plan (10/1/2011-9/30/2012)