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Published on Thursday, August 31, 2017

Councilman Perry’s Statement on Confederate Monument in Travis Park

CONTACT: Landry Stafford, (281) 669-7022

SAN ANTONIO (Aug. 31, 2017) – The following statement reflects District 10 City Councilman Clayton Perry’s concerns regarding today’s affirmative vote to remove the Confederate Soldier monument and cannons from Travis Park.

“I want to thank Councilman Treviño and Councilman Shaw for bringing this item up for consideration and commend the original CCR that requested a full, public process. We did not go through that full process, and that is the reason I voted no today. I know that there is a sense of urgency because of the violence that happened in Charlottesville. We have no place in San Antonio for hate; however, we cannot allow knee-jerk reactions. We have processes. We need to stick to the process to ensure that San Antonio citizens can be heard. 

“Rushing this without a public process concerns me. It concerns me because the item was placed on our Council Agenda on Monday, during a time where we had horrible devastation down on the coast. Our focus today should be on aiding those who need our help, not on a statue.

“Our campaigns promised transparency, yet we’re bypassing our City’s processes in order to come to a rushed decision. We are now setting up a pattern of taking up issues that alienate folks on both sides and forcing them to choose. I do not understand and do not agree with circumventing all of our processes in order to remove the Confederate monument without getting input from the committees that we have established. 

“I support anything that brings San Antonio together and I stand by my statement that anything worth doing must be done right. I voted no today because we did not give San Antonians the opportunity to have a public, two-way conversation through our established committees and council sessions.”

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