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Published on Thursday, December 07, 2017

Councilman Clayton Perry releases statement on SAWS Rate Increase

CONTACT: Landry Stafford, (281) 669-7022

SAN ANTONIO (December 7, 2017) – The following statement reflects District 10 City Councilman Clayton Perry’s concerns regarding today’s affirmative vote on the proposed SAWS Rate Increase: 

“I am disappointed that City Council voted to approve the SAWS Rate Increase today. Originally, SAWS was prepared to impose a 4.9% rate increase, later asked for up to a 5.3% rate increase, and then finalized their request for a 5.8% increase. Rate-payers are consistently hit with increases in annual fees from governmental entities, and it is adding up. We keep hearing sentiments that these additional costs only average $3 to $5 a month, but collectively those costs are having a detrimental effect on our neighbors. In the last 10 years, residents have seen increases of their Stormwater fees, Solid Waste fees, Parks Environmental fees, CPS rates, and in their property taxes. Our neighbors need relief from the constant barrage of governmental rate and fee increases, and we owe it to them to look inward and be better fiscal stewards of their hard-earned dollars.”  

“I am fully aware that SAWS is eager to meet the standards under the EPA consent decree.  However, I voted no on this rate increase, because I don’t agree that SAWS has proven the need to burden rate-payers with additional increases on their water bill before reducing their internal costs first. Previous rate increases have yielded budget surpluses for SAWS, and I remain opposed to setting the groundwork for another budget surplus through an even higher than projected rate increase.”

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