Published on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

City of San Antonio presents wages, healthcare proposal to Fire Union

Contact: Thea Setterbo

SAN ANTONIO (March 27, 2018) — At today’s scheduled Collective Bargaining meeting, which the fire union did not attend, the City of San Antonio’s negotiating team proposed the following outline of a contract offer:


Pay increases for firefighters of 12% over four years, including a lump sum of 3% upon signing. No monthly healthcare premiums for fire uniform employees; modest contributions for their families – a maximum of $346 per month, less than what firefighters in Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston currently pay. Elimination of taxpayer-funded legal fund that pays for firefighters’ divorces and child custody disputes, among other things. Changing the 10-year “evergreen clause” to six months to provide ample time to finish negotiations while capping the continuation of benefits.


“We believe this is a fair and generous offer,” Mayor Ron Nirenberg said. “Firefighters contributing modestly to the cost of healthcare for their families would allow the City to give firefighters a much-deserved and long-overdue pay raise. We urge the union to think about what is best for both their members and the taxpayers they serve and come to the table to work out the rest of the details in the contract.”


The healthcare and wages proposal would keep public safety spending at less than 66 percent of the General Fund Budget, as directed by the City Council. Employee contributions would drive the cost of providing healthcare down from more than $20,000 to less than $15,000.

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