Published on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Councilman Brockhouse CCR: Protect Children and Pets in Danger

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SAN ANTONIO (April 10, 2018) – The following comments are Councilman Brockhouse’s remarks on his recently submitted Council Consideration Request (CCR):

“With summer coming soon, I submitted a CCR to explore potential legal protections for citizens who help children trapped alone in cars in severe hot or cold weather.  I also asked for the review to include pets.  We will see temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, and this past winter, we saw them below freezing.  If a citizen wants to help a child or pet trapped in a car unattended, they could be held criminally liable.  We need to find out if we can help offer protections to “Good Samaritans” who care and want to help.  Additionally, the CCR asks for Animal Care Services (ACS) to review and determine actions to help pets who are neglected during severe weather or through negligence.  This past winter, ACS saw spikes in calls for pets in danger.  We will see more this summer.  My wife and I personally struggled to help a community pet freezing to death this year and it was heartbreaking. The City of San Antonio must find a process that protects our pets, educates pet owners and holds negligent pet owners accountable.”

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