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Published on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Councilman Brockhouse’s comments on Center City Housing Incentive Policy (CCHIP) and the Inner City Reinvestment/Infill Policy (ICRIP)

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SAN ANTONIO (Dec. 13, 2018) – In early October 2017, Councilman Brockhouse submitted a Council Consideration Request (CCR) to review the City incentives for residential and commercial projects. This CCR stated that the City of San Antonio needs to review all of the incentive programs for residential and commercial projects to ensure equitable distribution of funds, fee waivers and tax abatements.


“Today’s revisions to the CCHIP policies extend the options for housing incentives to other parts of the City. We need to think bigger than downtown and incentivize growth and development across San Antonio. Additionally, ICRIP, which is now the City of San Antonio Fee Waiver Program and the new Tax Abatement Guideline changes extend business fee waiver opportunities to all parts of the City, with a renewed focus for small and medium sized businesses. These were the goals of my Council Consideration Request filed last year and I was proud to support these changes with my vote today.


If we want to conquer our housing affordability issues, we must understand there are multiple paths to putting a roof over someone’s head. We must incentivize job and wage growth and partner with the business community to make it happen. The more money people make, the more home they can afford. We must also de-regulate the City permitting process and eliminate fees we charge to make the development of housing much more streamlined and affordable. 


City Hall doesn't build housing, nor do we create jobs, but we can slow it down and discourage development and job creation with mandates that demand businesses solve our social challenges. CCHIP and ICRIP have changed for the better and today’s vote was a step in the right direction.”

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