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Published on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Councilman Treviño, City Council Approve New Incentive Policies

CONTACT: Justin Renteria, 210-207-0900


SAN ANTONIO (Dec. 13, 2018) - By a vote of 8-2, the San Antonio City Council approved the new Center City Housing Incentive Policy (CCHIP) and San Antonio Fee Waiver Program formerly known as the Inner City Reinvestment Infill Policy (ICRIP). District 1 City Councilman Roberto Treviño provided the following statement:


“I voted to approve the CCHIP and San Antonio Fee Waiver Program policy because the policy does not target vulnerable neighborhoods on the west, south, and east sides of the city. Instead, the area is small and focused on places that are directly in downtown for large scale development and immediately adjacent to downtown for medium scale development.


Furthermore, the reality is that the cost of developing in the downtown area is significantly higher for a number of reasons. Without tangible incentives to contribute to projects in that area, many of the historic buildings in our downtown will continue to become vacant as the city instead sees urban sprawl to the open spaces on the perimeter of our city.


Non-profit affordable housing developers, like Merced, Habitat for Humanity, and Prospera, are supportive of the new programs because they increase the opportunities for affordable housing. Without a policy in action, many projects could stagnate, including in-progress affordable projects, and the opportunity for evaluation would then  be lost. The approved policy allows CCHIP to be used for affordable projects and it should be used in concert with other funding sources. This policy will be evaluated over the next two years, and in the meantime more data would be available for study. I look forward to working with District 1 communities to fully vet the success of these programs and make adjustments as necessary.”

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