Published on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Councilman Courage’s remarks on the revamped CCHIP and ICRIP policies

CONTACT: Zack Lyke
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SAN ANTONIO (Dec. 13, 2018) — “I will always remain committed to improving San Antonio’s definition of affordability as it truly relates to our residents. While there were reservations and concerns about the changes to CCHIP and ICRIP, especially as we attempt to address affordable housing in San Antonio, I ultimately supported the amendments to the CCHIP and ICRIP programs.


I paid careful consideration to the multitudes of San Antonio residents and organizations who contacted Council with their concerns ranging from housing affordability, environmental impacts, and neighborhood displacement, and while I share many of those concerns, these amendments will hopefully prove to be a catalyst to meaningful reforms to our City’s approach to affordable housing.


We will now have funding dedicated to affordable housing, which beyond relieving pressure from the general fund and will provide an avenue to begin addressing some of the recommendations from the Mayor’s Housing Policy Taskforce.


Additionally, the fee waiver program is now project-specific, rather site-specific, with goals to create more affordable housing and encourage the development and expansion of small and legacy businesses across San Antonio.


City Council will certainly be eager to monitor the results of these changes over the next two years.”

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