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Published on Friday, December 14, 2018

Children, Families Score Lucky Strike with Tobacco-Free Parks Plan

CONTACT: Matteo Treviño, 210-323-2835


SAN ANTONIO (Dec. 14, 2018) — As part of the SA Parks System Plan, the City’s Parks & Recreation Department is recommending making City parks tobacco-free. In support, Councilwoman Ana E. Sandoval issued the following remarks:


“In a public park, everyone is a role model in the eyes of children. We want children and families to enjoy our City’s parks without learning unhealthy behavior or inhaling harmful smoke—especially as their lungs develop. By moving forward and making our parks tobacco-free, we ensure they remain welcoming and clean spaces.”


The proposed measure enjoys support from the community. Alejandro Soto, President of the Woodlawn Lake Community Association, offered the following remarks in support:


“More than 50 Texas cities prohibit smoking in their parks and other public open spaces. For the past several years, the Woodlawn Lake Community Association has advocated for such a policy in San Antonio. Second hand smoke is unhealthy and discomforting to the public in both indoor and outdoor environments; cigarette litter is a costly and unhealthy nuisance; and smoking in public places presents an unhealthy model to children.”


The current draft of the SA Parks System Plan will be available to view online on Monday the Parks & Recreation webpage. Residents can view the livestream of the Parks Department’s presentation to the Community Health & Equity Committee here.

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