Published on Thursday, April 4, 2019

City Council Approves Urban Lighting Master Plan

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SAN ANTONIO (April 4, 2019) — Today, City Council voted unanimously to approve the Urban Lighting Master Plan (ULMP). Prior to completion of the ULMP, the City lacked a comprehensive guideline for lighting. As a result, there is a significant variance in lighting character throughout our urban core and neighborhoods. The Master Plan was initiated by District 1 City Councilman Treviño in 2016 to create an informed and uniform guideline for lighting of various types of roadways, parks, art projects, and facilities.


“A team of stakeholders comprised of community leaders, SAPD, the private sector, CPS Energy, and the City of San Antonio worked alongside one another over the last several years to produce an effective lighting strategy,” said Councilman Treviño. “While a proper thank you cannot be put into words, your efforts will shine downtown and throughout the city.”


The ULMP will be used by many City departments as well as design consultants hired onto City capital projects, and it is expected to have a significant impact on lighting design. The study area for the ULMP was the downtown area within the highway loop, the area immediately adjacent to the Alamodome, and the Lavaca and King William neighborhoods in District 1. The recommendations in the study will serve as a framework for projects throughout the city.


Monte Vista Historical Association resident Ryan Reed spoke in favor of the Master Plan stating, “This plan will ensure our public spaces - our streets, our parks, and our downtown are lit for both comfort and safety. Our community looks forward to seeing how these recommendations are implemented in our neighborhoods.”


The scope of work included an inventory and assessment of the condition and performance of existing lighting assets; the gathering of downtown resident and stakeholder input, to include input on unique lighting needs around historical and culturally significant areas.


“We are a City by design, not by accident,” said Councilman Treviño. “My vision when developing the Urban Lighting Plan was to put forth a consistent, intentional strategy for lighting that would work in many ways to improve the quality of life for all residents.”


The lighting consultant, Alderson & Associates, installed temporary lighting as a mockup to test the impact of lighting enhancements on two publicly owned and one privately owned building located in the downtown. These lighting mockups were completed at the City-owned Plaza de Armas and Municipal Plaza buildings, as well as the privately owned Savoy Building located at 116 E Houston.


The Urban Lighting Master Plan Executive Summary is attached.

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