Published on Thursday, April 4, 2019

Information sought in pair of puppy mutilations

Animal Care Services handling strikingly similar cruelty investigations

CONTACT: Lisa Norwood, 210.207.6665
Alfonso Rios, 210.207.6589


SAN ANTONIO (April 4, 2019) - Cruelty investigators are seeking further clues in a pair of recent cases involving similarly disturbing circumstances. In both occurrences, suspects crudely sliced the ears off of their young pit bull puppies themselves. While the practice of ear cropping is not unlawful, it is illegal in the State of Texas for a non-licensed veterinarian to perform the procedure.  The first case occurred March 14th in the backyard of a home on the City’s Eastside. A puppy named “Jefe” allegedly had his ears removed with pruning shears after the suspects watched an online video for guidance. ACS investigators were able to determine the second case occurred around March 24th in the living room of a Westside home after pictures of the illegal practice were posted on Facebook by his owner. “Sancho”, the puppy involved in the second case, was evidently sedated with bloodied ears after the procedure. Both puppies were surrendered to Animal Care Services and are in otherwise good health. Felony charges of torture are pending in both cases and Animal Care cruelty investigators are seeking any additional information on the puppies, their owners or the incidents; however, due to potential repercussions to numerous witnesses, ACS is not releasing the incident locations. Residents who may have any information on the cases are strongly encouraged to call 3-1-1.

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