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Published on Thursday, October 3, 2019

Councilwoman Gonzales’ statement regarding the City’s Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

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SAN ANTONIO (Oct. 3, 2019) – From the outset I have been a reluctant supporter of the proposed Paid Sick Leave Ordinance. A concern of any elected representative is for the city’s general health and well-being. The ordinance addresses that concern by providing sick workers with the ability to recuperate at home without economic stress and without the risk of contagion. On the other hand, there is a concern that the ordinance places additional burdens on the small business industry, which is by far the largest in the city.


San Antonio small businesses will now be required to carry a burden that will benefit the entire city. That burden will have the potential to put small businesses in a precarious economic footing.


Another concern is that the ordnance creates a layer of bureaucracy and compliance that will put more stress on small businesses.


That said, the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance impacts our city’s overall health to a degree that surpasses the business concerns mentioned.


My vote in favor of the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance, although reluctant, is based on health concerns.

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