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Published on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Councilwoman Sandoval Welcomes Promising Early Results of Cite and Release Policy

CONTACT: Matteo Treviño, 210-323-2835

SAN ANTONIO (Oct. 15) — The City Council’s Public Safety Committee received a presentation from the San Antonio Police Department today on their first quarterly report on the expanded Cite and Release policy. Councilwoman Sandoval released the following statement:

“SAPD indicated that, for the July 1 to September 30 period, there were 1,509 offenses eligible for citation (instead of arrest). Of those 1,509, about 34% of the individuals received citations. This saved SAPD Officers about 935.5 hours in processing time. That was the equivalent of having two more officers available for patrol.”

“Because of this new policy, over 500 people were able to stay out of jail, continue their jobs, support their families, and keep their lives intact. Moreover, they avoided the stigma of a criminal record—something that all too often ends opportunities for education and work because of a one-time mistake.”

“I thank SAPD and the District Attorney’s Office for looking for ways to adopt sound criminal justice policy. They’ve been diligent in their efforts to report on the program’s progress and impact on our community and operations. I look forward to continued collaboration between the City and District Attorney.”

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Author: Brandon Barnes (GPA)

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