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Published on Friday, December 20, 2019

Be Merry! Howl-iday Party Tips for Your Pet!

Hosting a Christmas or New Years party? Check out these tips to help your pet during the festivities!

Are you hosting the big holiday party this year? It may sound like a grand time to you, but it can be a stressful time for your pets. Here are some tips on how you can help them enjoy the holiday as much as you!

Let your guests know about your pet!

This will give your guests a chance to take allergy medicine if needed or wear clothing where your pet’s fur might not show. Let them know that your pet may be nervous, and to be patient with them.

Wear them out

Take some time to tire your pet before guests arrive by taking them on a run or playing at the park or in the backyard. Letting out some energy will help them to behave better later on in the night.

Give them their own room for the night.

Designate a room for your pet to chill in during the festivities. Whether it's cold outside or not, pets should be inside for the holidays. Fireworks and other loud festivities may scare them enough that they escape. Make sure your pet has an up-to-date microchip in case they make the great escape. Also keep in mind that not every pet is social and some will want to just be by themselves until it’s all over. Or maybe they’ll do great and get pooped out midway through. It’s nice for them to have a room to feel peaceful in. Fill it with their favorite things - beds, toys, etc. And feed them before the festivities and leave their food in there.

Give them a special treat.

Before the festivities, get them a treat they normally don’t get to have. They’ll feel special and distracted if they can focus their attention more on the new exciting treat or toy than what’s going on downstairs.

Introduce them properly.

Tell your guests to wait until your pet approaches them and let them sniff. When the pet seems ready, let your guest pet them on their chest or on their side. Pets usually don’t like when strangers go straight for their heads or neck because they can’t see what your hands are doing from there. They want to keep an eye on where your hands are going. If the pet doesn’t seem to be enjoying the interaction, just leave them alone!

Tell your guests to not feed them table scraps.

Make sure all guests know that your pets aren’t supposed to have any table scraps. Foods such as chocolate, grapes/raisens, bones, and alcohol are extremely hazardous and should be kept out of reach.

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