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Published on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Governance Committee votes to advance policy request to create formal Renters Commission

CONTACT: Justin Renteria, 210-207-0900


SAN ANTONIO (January 15, 2020) —Today, the San Antonio Governance Committee voted unanimously to advance a Council Consideration Request to create a Residential Renters Commission to the Culture and Neighborhood Services Committee.


On June 25, 2019, District 1 City Councilman Roberto Treviño filed a Council Consideration Request to initiate the creation of the San Antonio Renters' Commission that would represent diverse renter voices across the city. Under the proposed policy, each Councilmember and the Mayor would appoint a renter/commissioner, and the Commission would provide information, advice, and counsel to the Mayor, City Council, and departments concerning issues and policies affecting renters. Councilman Treviño provided the following statement:


“A Renters Commission is needed to better represent the voices of renters who lack the time, childcare or salaries to attend middle-of-the-day meetings and comment periods. My office filed this CCR to ensure renters have a platform within local government to voice, research, assess, and recommend policies that are beneficial to renters and our city as a whole.


I believe this commission is key to empathizing with tenants facing the impacts of gentrification, displacement, and sub-standard living conditions. Moreover, renters can and should provide valuable input on issues like housing affordability, transportation, zoning, public health and safety, and economic development. The Commission can also play a role in fostering civic engagement for renters.


Renters make up nearly half of all households in San Antonio. The lack of a formal renters’ commission is a glaring omission, but provides us a unique opportunity to tackle issues currently faced by tenants directly and immediately. I am grateful to the tenants, housing advocates, social justice organizations, and the Governance Committee for taking a step towards providing renters with a proper and much needed voice at City Hall.”

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