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Published on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

8 Ways You Can Be Prepared on Pet Fire Safety Day

If an emergency were to happen right now, would you be able to keep you and your pets safe? 

The thought alone is stressful, sad, and feels so unlikely that we just end up trying not to think of it at all. Although we can never completely prevent fires from happening, we can have peace of mind by being as prepared as possible to keep us and our pets safe in case they do. The key is to keep our pets in mind and be ready to act at any given time.  

We’ve put together a list of fire safety preparedness steps to help you and your pets stay as safe and prepared as possible in case of an emergency.  

 Fire Safety Preparedness Checklist: 

1. Include pets in your household emergency plan. When creating your family emergency plan, decide who is responsible for locating and taking the pets. Practice your evacuation plan so that it can go as smoothly in case you ever do need to use it. If there is a fire in your home, grab your pets if possible. If you can’t do it quickly, exit the house. A first responder can attempt to save them. Never go inside a burning house. 

2. Get a decal for your front window indicating that there are pets inside that need to be saved. This will let the first responders know what kind and how many pets are inside the home and may need rescuing – especially if you are not there at the time of the emergency. These stickers are available at pet stores and online on websites like Amazon, ASPCA, Petco, and more. 

3. Update pet IDs and microchips regularly. Any time you move, get a new phone number or email address, or learn more information about your pet’s health, it’s a good idea to update your pet’s identifying information. If your pet does happen to escape the house to look for safety during a fire, they will have higher chances of finding their way back home to you. 

4. Get monitored smoke detectors for your home that will notify responders when there is an emergency – even if you are not home. If you already have smoke detectors, test them once a month. Don’t forget to change out the batteries twice a year. 

5. Know your pet’s hiding spots. This will be handy if you ever need to locate them and get out of the house quickly. Make sure you have easy access to those spots. 

6. Keep your local veterinary hospital’s information on hand or in your phone. Apart from fire emergencies, you never know when you will need to reach them. 

7. Pet proof your house. Candles, wires, fireplaces, and stovetops are just some potential fire hazards that shouldn’t be accessible to pets. Never leave a fire on, even if it’s just a candle, unattended or in reaching distance near  your pets.  

8. Consider crate training or containing your pet in a room for your younger pets while you are away or not able to supervise. This way they are contained and not getting into any trouble. 

The best way to protect your pets from a fire situation is to prepare today. Preparing your emergency plan can be done in a single afternoon. Share a photo of you and your pet, tag us @sanantonioacs #PawsitivelyPrepared, and we’ll feature you on our social media accounts!  

BONUS TIP: Screenshot the list below and share with your family and friends! 

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