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The mission of the Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) is to safeguard the cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability that preserves San Antonio’s unique sense of place, economic competitiveness, and authenticity.

Our city has been shaped by our colorful history, and our built environment helps to tell our story. We want our neighborhoods and commercial districts to continue to tell the story of our history to those who come after us. Preserving our built environment creates a sense of belonging, a collective memory, and a sense of pride in our past.

At the micro-level, we believe that every “old” building should be viewed as an opportunity, not an obstacle. They are opportunities to preserve and leverage our built environment in a sustainable and meaningful way. Our existing buildings also play an important role in advancing other city-wide goals including supporting livable communities, affordable housing options, and climate change readiness.


Historic preservation not only makes economic sense. It builds strong, vibrant communities!

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In 2015, OHP released Historic Preservation: Essential to the Economy and Quality of Life in San Antonio. Prepared by PlaceEconomics, the study is based around the SA2020 vision for San Antonio. The report demonstrates how historic neighborhoods outperform others in terms of density, walkability, transit scores, and are a model for smart growth. Historic neighborhoods also tend to be more stable over time and attract small businesses, startup firms, and artist communities.
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Owners of historic properties in San Antonio may be eligible for both local permit fee waivers and local property tax exemptions for the substantial rehabilitation of their historic property. The City also seeks to connect property owners with the availability of State and Federal Tax Credits for eligible properties. This effort includes the expansion of two National Register Districts in Downtown San Antonio to qualify approximately 200 newly-listed historic buildings for the incentives.
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