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The Office of Historic Preservation, along with the Historic and Design Review Commission, is guided by the City’s Unified Development Code. The UDC informs the processes related to design review, district and landmark creation, demolition review, enforcement, and the composition and function of the HDRC. The UDC also authorizes the creation of design standards and guidelines, such as the Historic Design Guidelines and Downtown Design Guide, to guide decision making.

Pursuant to section 35-111, UDC amendments may be proposed as part of an update cycle that occurs every five years. The purpose of this process is to provide updates that improve procedures or standards for workability and administrative efficiency or to reflect other policy changes. Beyond this, OHP has also identified a need to update the design standards and guidelines that relate to infill development in our historic districts and city center. The next update cycle will occur in 2020 with any adopted amendments going into effect in 2021.

In June 2019, a working task force was convened to assist OHP with the development and recommendation of amendments for the 2020 update cycle. Specifically, the task force will be reviewing policy and codes related to:

• HDRC process and composition
• Infill design guidelines and integration with zoning process
• Potential update to RIO and Downtown Design Guide
• Landmark designation process
• Minor process clarifications and improvements

Please use this page a resource; the tabs below will be updated throughout the process.

Presentations and Draft Documents will be link on this page when as they become available.


Input from the general public is an important step in informing the UDC update process. Follow this page for future public input opportunities.

upcoming public meetings

Stay tuned - additional public meetings will be announced in February 2020.

Can’t attend a meeting? Your input is still important to us! Please take time to  email your comments to info@sapreservation.com. Written comments will be maintained on this page.


Emails, letters, and other written public comments will be uploaded here as they become available.

A UDC Update Task Force for OHP began meeting in June 2019. Membership was selected to provide public representation and relevant expertise.

task force MEMBERS

Task Force membership with subcommittee assignments are listed below:

HDRC Process and Administrative Review:
Brad Carson, John Bustamante, Jeff Fetzer, Luis Miguel Martinez, Patty Zaiontz, Paul Kinnison, Tony Garcia

Neighborhood Infill:
Cherise Rohr-Allegrini, Curtis Fish, Jay Louden, Jim Bailey, Monica Savino, Tami Kegley, Zac Harris

Downtown & RIO Districts:
Barbara Witte-Howell, Gemma Kennedy, Irby Hightower, Kevin Covey, Madison Smith, Tim Cone

Landmark Designation Process:
Amy Kastely, Ashley Farrimond, James McKnight, Patrick Christensen, Sam Aguirre, Sarah Gould, Vince Michael