Forms & Applications

Forms & Applications

The Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) is here to assist you with the application process for proposed exterior alterations to landmarks and properties within historic districts, for landmark and historic district designation, and for tax certification and verification. All proposed work must be approved by the OHP or the Historic and Design Review Commission (HDRC). Approval by the OHP or the HDRC does take the place of any type of City permit. After OHP or HDRC approval of an application, a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) is issued.  The COA is required prior to acquisition of City permits or project implementation.

Find out if your property requires review by using the OHP Address Search tool.

It is important to submit a complete application and all required application material for approval. If you have questions application process or are unsure if your property is within a designated area, please contact OHP staff at 210-207-0035.

  • Application Process Brochure (PDF) - Check out this guide before you get started.
  • What Form Do I Need? (PDF) - Depending on the scope of work, you will either need to complete the Administrative Certificate of Appropriateness application (Admin COA) or the Historic and Design Review Commission application (HDRC).

Request a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)

Work started prior to receiving a Certificate of Appropriateness is subject to a $500 application fee (view fee structure below).

REQUEST for Historic Designation

Demolitions and other Reviews

Please note that demolition of a property zoned historic requires the HDRC Application to be completed. All other demolitions use the demolition application below.


Applications require the following fees: (per UDC Amendments 6-24-2010). There is no application fee for residential HDRC applications or Administrative Certificate of Appropriateness applications

  • COA Request (commercial projects only) - $100
  • Demolition Application (commercial projects) - $100
  • Demolition Application (residential projects) - $50
  • Signage Application - $100
  • Fee Structure (PDF)

In addition to the demolition application fee, a demolition permit fee is also required for properties designated as local landmarks or within local historic districts. The demolition permit fees vary based on the approved replacement plan square footage. Download the Fee Structure PDF for a full schedule of demolition fees.

Work started prior to receiving OHP or HDRC approval (through a Certificate of Appropriateness) is subject to a $500 application fee.