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Development and Business Services Center
1901 S. Alamo 
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Monday - Friday, 7:45am - 4:30pm


What’s your San Antonio story?
  • Did you attend moonlight dances at Mission Espada? 
  • Did you camp out in a San Antonio Park as an Easter tradition? 
  • Does your family have a special recipe for fideo or brisket? 

Share your experiences and memories of events, traditions and people that need to be preserved and passed down to future generations and help OHP create cultural maps of San Antonio.

OHP is working in the community to collect shared experiences that reflect the “intangible” heritage— traditions, arts, spirituality and events—through story-telling and map-making. OHP held several cultural mapping days in January 2016 for residents living in the neighborhoods surrounding the San Antonio Missions.


Interested in sharing your story or in hosting a future mapping day? Please see below for contact information.

Share Your Story

Claudia Guerra, Cultural Historian
210.207.0241 • Contact

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