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San Antonio’s historical and cultural significance extends far beyond our architecture, well-known histories, and our designated landmarks. Our city is rich in stories that celebrate our built environment, diverse communities, and unique traditions.

What are some untold stories that are important to you and your family? Are there stories about your favorite places in San Antonio that you wish everyone knew? Share your story on our Discovery Map and place a There’s a Story Here sticker or sign at the location associated with your story so everyone can learn what makes this place and San Antonio so special!

Submit A Story

  1. Share your story on OHP’s Discovery Map!
  2. Tick the YES box that asks if you want to participate in the There’s a Story Here program.
  3. Make sure you leave your email and/or phone number so OHP staff can arrange a time for you to pick up your sticker or sign. Or, after you’ve submitted your story, email your name, mailing address, and the topic of your submission to You can also use our contact form to send this information.

Stickers and Signs Around Town

QR code for There's a Story Here Program

Did you find a sticker or sign on your favorite business? Or maybe in the right-of-way near an historic building? Scan the QR code to read the story closest to you and to explore other stories nearby! Make sure you have your location enabled to make finding stories on your phone easier.

Learning about the project online? Look for the There’s a Story Here pin on OHP’s Discovery Map.

Questions about this program? Contact OHP staff at (210) 207-7984 or You can also use our contact form.