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Landmarks are resources that have been officially recognized by the City of San Antonio for their outstanding historical, cultural, architectural, or archaeological significance.  There are currently over 1,500 designated landmarks in the city.  In the past, landmark designation identified Historic Exceptional (HE) and Historic Significant (HS) landmarks.  2010 amendments to the City's Unified Development Code (UDC) include the consolidation of the two landmark designations into one Historic Landmark (HL) designation.  Those resources previously designated as historic landmarks prior to the UDC Amendments of June 24, 2010, will continue to bear the words "historic, exceptional" (HE) or "historic, significant" (HS) in their zoning designation.

Landmark designation protects the unique character of the City's historic resources. Landmark designation does not affect the use of a property. Land use is regulated by Zoning. Designation does, however, affect the aesthetics of any exterior changes made to landmarks or properties within local historic districts through implementation of a design review process. Additionally, all landmarked properties cannot be demolished without approval from the Historic and Design Review Commission (HDRC).  Find out more about the advantages of historic designation.

Landmark eligibility is determined by the sixteen (16) criteria for evaluation as specified in the Unified Development Code. These criteria are based on the four National Register criteria for eligibility including a property's association with significant events, association with significant people, architectural significance, or ability to convey information about history or prehistory (archaeological sites).  Properties recommended eligible for landmark designation must meet at least three (3) of the criteria. See the links below for the full list of landmark eligibility criteria and the lists of designated local landmarks (sorted by name or by street address).

Through ongoing survey and efforts of the ScoutSA initiative, OHP is working to identify new properties that are eligible for historic designation. To confirm whether a property has been previously determined to be eligible for historic designation, please contact OHP staff via email or by calling 210-207-0035.