Historic Windows

Windows are character-defining features of historic properties and can often be repaired for less than the cost of replacement windows. Check out the following material on historic window restoration and repair.

Deciphering the Guidelines: Window Preservation  - Cory Edwards, Office of Historic Preservation
Saving Windows, Saving Money - 2012 study by the National Trust for Historic Preservation
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Top Ten Reasons to Repair Windows 
Guide to Wood Window Restoration
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Match Windows to Your Home's Architecture - Arrol Gellner
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Repairing Windows Can Beat Replacing - The Washington Times


Window Restoration Workshops

The Office of Historic Preservation periodically offers Window Restoration Workshops to teach the basics of wood window care and repair. The workshops provide a hands-on opportunity for homeowners, students, and contractors to learn do-it-yourself techniques and proper maintenance for wood windows.  For more information about upcoming workshops see our Events & Announcements page or call 215-9274.

Window Workshop Slideshow