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ScoutSA is the name given to the City of San Antonio's Comprehensive Survey and Designation Initiative. ScoutSA identifies, inventories, and documents potential historic landmarks and districts in San Antonio. ScoutSA goes beyond a traditional architectural building survey. The program seeks to identify what makes San Antonio unique in terms of heritage, culture, and the physical environment.

Purpose of ScoutSA

  • Preserve the authenticity of San Antonio's diverse neighborhoods
  • Plan for the future and identify resources that may someday be eligible for landmark designation.
  • Engage the public
  • Promote the benefit's of San Antonio's intangible and tangible heritage
  • Build awareness of the economic opportunities and positive impact of historic reservation.
  • Provide resources that encourage development while protecting our resources.
  • Connect people to the places that make San Antonio unique

Explore San Antonio

Take a self-guided tour of historic sites in San Antonio. See more...

Historic Districts

A historic district, according to the City of San Antonio’s Unified Development Code, is "an area, urban or rural, defined as an historic district by city council, state, or federal authority and which may contain within definable geographic boundaries one or more buildings, objects, sites or structures designated as exceptional or significant historic landmarks or clusters, See more...


Landmarks are resources that have been officially recognized by the City of San Antonio for their outstanding historical, cultural, architectural, or archaeological significance. See more...


In 2002 the Office of Historic Preservation, in conjunction with the San Antonio Conservation Society, initiated a survey to comprehensively identify the city’s historic resources. See more...

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Office of Historic Preservation

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