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  • Melody Woosley
  • Jessica Dovalina
    Assistant Director
  • Patrick Steck
    Assistant Director

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“Our City Cares” funding is allocated by City Council to assist San Antonio residents with short term child care during an emergency or extenuating circumstance.

Applicant must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible for services and:

  1. Be at risk of losing permanent housing (eviction) due to loss of work, household income or medical emergency. Applicant must provide supporting documentation.
  2. Be a victim of domestic violence with supporting documentation such as restraining order or police report.
  3. Suddenly become a guardian of a child or children due to the death, abandonment, and/or incarceration of parents. Applicant must provide supporting documentation.
  4. Have extenuating circumstances, which have a negative impact on or disrupt an individual’s ability to obtain or maintain stable childcare services, such as, but not limited to: residential fire, domestic violence, natural disaster, emergency medical treatment and/or hospitalization. Applicant must provide supporting documentation.

Applicant must also provide proof of residency within a city council district to be eligible.

For more information regarding Homeless Child Care please call 210.230.6343.

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