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  • Melody Woosley
  • Jessica Dovalina
    Assistant Director
  • Patrick Steck
    Assistant Director
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Faith Based Initiative Structure

Overall Philosophy

City of San Antonio works in respectful partnership with the San Antonio Faith-Based Community, side-by-side and as equal contributors at the intersection of faith and society with a clear focus on Services for those most in need throughout the City. Focus of partnership is needed services that are more accessible, efficient, and effective.


Works as the go-between within that mutual partnership, cross-connecting vital assets, translating language at the intersection, navigating both systems toward efficiency and effectiveness, coordinating efforts as they develop, nurturing the necessary trust and working structures needed to reach the vision and goals.


To facilitate relational collaboration and active partnerships between the San Antonio faith community and governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and community groups towards services that will improve the lives of families and communities in need.


Quarterly, broad spectrum gatherings that are facilitated in various ways to provide input, buy-in, cross-networking, capacity-building, bridge-building, trusting relationships, etc. The Convenings serve as the voice of the Faith-Based Community and provides opportunities for all stakeholders to provide input. This input and nurtured commitment will help inform the Working Group in direction, next steps, tasks, projects, etc.

Working Group

Meeting monthly, this will be an action-oriented team effort that both informs and is informed by the Quarterly (seasonal) Convenings. Members of the Working Group will be a sampling of diverse representatives within the San Antonio Faith Community with a preferable working size of 15-20 people. Discerned faith leadership from across San Antonio will be asked to appoint or recommend individuals who may potentially and best serve in the Working Group, based on:

  • Passionate commitment to service to those most in need in San Antonio,
  • Knowledgeable about services within one’s own faith community and potentially beyond it,
  • Potential skill sets that will add to the necessary work of the Initiative,
  • Willingness to work and move the Initiative forward as needed,
  • Available to attend all working meetings – or send a representative if absent,
  • Positive about the potential the Initiative holds for the future of San Antonio, and,
  • Leadership and networking skills to form their own Working Teams as necessary.
Action Teams

Meeting as needed and discerned, these smaller groups of 4-8 people will develop and complete specific tasks and projects around priority focus areas. Teams will be organized and facilitated by a member of the Working Group. Their selection will be specialized to the specific task while based on the same qualifiers (above) as the Working Group.

Contact the Faith-Based INITIATIVE
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Participation in The Initiative is voluntary. For more information and/or to sign up yourself, congregation or organization.