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About Us

To promote life-long success by providing Human Services and connecting people to community resources.

To provide leadership, develop collaborative strategies, and maximize resources to improve the quality of life for children, families and seniors in our community.

The Department of Human Services provides comprehensive direct and contractual services in the areas of Early Education and Child Care Assistance, Education, Financial and Emergency Assistance, Homeless Assistance, and Senior Services.

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Our Core Values

  • In FY 15, October 10, 2014, Staff In-Service was held with Family Assistance Division and Senior Centers Managers to focus on opportunities to connect and expand access of services to the senior community. 
  • The division held annual events such as “Day in the Park”, “Sweetheart Dance”, and “Kermes-Dies y Sies Celebration” bringing together over 1,500 senior participants per event. Planning and implementation involved active teamwork participation across every position in the division. 
  • In FY 15, the department expanded opportunities for staff to interact and improve case management services, particularly for our senior community. In particular, our Family Assistance and Senior Services divisions worked together to improve case management services currently provided at the comprehensive senior centers. In FY 2016, quarterly meetings will be held between both divisions to ensure that coordinated, high quality services such as utility, rental, senior prescription and other assistance is provided to senior participants 
  • The Training for Job Success Program transitioned more residents out of poverty than any other Texas City. Of the 170 participants enrolled in the program, DHS successfully transition 93 individuals out of poverty – surpassing the goal of 77. 
  • In FY 15, Child Care Services will exceed performance for the FY2015 at 102% - performance baseline is 98%; with a budget of $47,295,271, CCS will meet required expenditure benchmarks. CCS averaged 9,679 children in care for Low Income and Choices/Transition Clients. Another 1,200 children were served through Child Protective Services.

  • In FY 2015, Head Start and Child Care Services divisions worked on implementing an Early Head Start – Child Care Services partnership grant initiative. In preparing to provide services, staff worked extensively to onboard new staff and community service providers, provide cross training, develop materials, and coordinate resources. 
  • Senior Services served over 700,000 meals in FY 15 while ensuring compliance with program rules and integrity of data and grant reports.

  • At the Senior Centers, staff worked to incorporate improvements at the centers to make their processes more efficient. A highlight from FY 15 includes improved food bank distribution of commodities to seniors through the use of volunteers and outside support. 
  • The division celebrated Nation Senior Center month in September by hosting open house events and incorporating the “I love my Senior Center” campaign to foster appreciation and creativity. 
  • In FY 15, the Head Start division implemented several programs and initiatives designed to involve the community in local programming and increase awareness. These activities included: launch of “Micronaut Mission Field Trips” in April 2015 to expose Head Start children to Science Technology Engineering and Mathematical concepts through space exploration activities; a Parent Conference at the Witte museum in April 2015 to increase parental involvement; Safe Riders Car Safety Event in September 2015 that provided over 65 car seats to local parents; and a Head Start Speakers series that provided nationally renowned speakers on early childhood education at a series of local events that were free and open to the public. 
  • In 2015, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program introduced new initiatives to serve eligible taxpayers with incomes up to $60,000. These new initiatives included: hosting of two super sites at St. Philip’s College and the Guadalupe Community Center that offered extended services to clients (express service, virtual VITA, assistance to taxpayers without social security cards was provided); and virtual VITA services that allowed taxpayers to drop off their tax information and have returns completed within 48 hours without requiring individuals to wait for services. 
  • Provided input to Workforce Solutions Alamo on incorporating changes to program software to assist staff in ensuring high quality management of caseloads. Staff also developed a process for “term warning” which provides the client and Provider an opportunity to meet eligibility requirements at redetermination. This process has dropped terminations by 60% thus keeping the child in care and parent working, in school or training.

  • Continue the use of customer satisfaction surveys for feedback from senior participants to routinely assess the quality of services and implement improvements, as needed. 
  • Identified efficiencies in FY 2015 to open a new Senior Center in Council District 10. Through these efficiencies, participants at two smaller centers will transition to the new center where they will have a access to full day, comprehensive senior services. 
  • In Fiscal Year 2015, the Head Start program provided quality educational and training opportunities to staff, Head Start parents, and the local community. These training opportunities, included: training and certifying staff on CLASS (assessment scoring system utilized during federal reviews), I am Moving, I am Learning Curriculum to improve movement and reduce childhood obesity, and in CPST to conduct car seat inspections. 
  • DHS assisted 101 households of the Mission Trails Mobile Home Park impacted by a rezoning case. DHS staff provided relocation counseling and assistance to residents until the final household successfully relocated from the property into alternate housing. DHS addressed multiple issues on their behalf to include mobile home moveability assessments, mobile home site security, health hazards, enrollment of emergency assistance programs, and provided one on one case management.

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