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106 S. St. Mary's, 7th Floor
San Antonio, TX 78205



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  • Melody Woosley
  • Jessica Dovalina
    Assistant Director
  • Patrick Steck
    Assistant Director

San Antonio Youth Commission

The San Antonio Youth Commission (SAYC) advises Mayor and City Council on important youth issues. SAYC members develop policy recommendations and organize city-wide benefitting youth in our community.

About Us

The City of San Antonio launched the San Antonio Youth Commission (SAYC) on July 25, 1991.

The SAYC is comprised of 22 members attending high school. There are two members from each City Council District and two Mayoral appointees.

Commission meetings are held monthly on the second Saturday of the month to discuss city-wide issues affecting youth and to plan meaningful events.

Current Projects

The San Antonio Youth Commission is collaborating with Community Partners on Youth Voter Engagement for the November election. Please check back in mid-October for a Voter Toolkit regarding the different elections taking place.


In 2018, the San Antonio Youth Commission (SAYC) focused on raising the visibility of youth issues and developed a youth-informed public policy agenda to share with the City Council.

In August 2019, the SAYC presented policy recommendations on Teen Mental Health, Gun Violence, Transportation, and Education to the CHEC committee and continue to evaluate implementation plans by City leadership.

Become a Member

Applicants must be in high school during the upcoming school year to be considered. Rising freshman and rising seniors are welcome to apply, however it is best to apply as a rising sophomore or junior so you already have a feel for high school and can be a commissioner for an entire 2-3 year term.

To apply:

  1. Confirm what district you live in. To confirm what district you live in please click here. Please only apply for the district you live in or for the mayoral position.
  2. Apply for a commission member seat by visiting the City of San Antonio City Clerk Website. To Apply here
  3. Find the “San Antonio Youth Commission” and click on “see all”.
    1. Check one box for the districts you’d like to apply for.
      • Please only select the district you live in and/or the Mayoral District.
      • Please only select one spot within the district you are applying for not both (this creates an extra application). For example, if you are applying for District 1 and the Mayoral seat, check one box next to District 1 and check one box next to the Mayoral spot. Please do not check both boxes next to District 1 and both boxes next to the Mayoral spot.
    2. Scroll back up to the top of the screen and click on “Apply”.
    3. Fill out the application thoroughly and check grammar and spelling.
    4. Complete the application and click “submit”.
    5. Ensure you see “Your application has been successfully submitted”.
    For technical help with the application, please call the Office of the City Clerk: 210.207.7253
  4. Once you submit your application, please contact us to ensure your application was submitted correctly.

If you have any questions about the process please contact us.

Commission Members

Diego Lopez
District 1

Nicholas Whelan
District 1

Nickoll Garcia
District 2

Elizabeth De La Rosa
District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

Liliana Orozco
Interim Secretary, District 7

Alejo Soto
District 7

Adira Garza
District 8

District 9

Maya Mackey
Interim Chair, District 10

Erik Peterson
Mayoral Appointee

Jacqueline Campos
Mayoral Appointee

Contact Us

For questions or concerns, contact Ashley Poston.

Meeting Dates

For meeting dates and times, please visit the Office of the City Clerk website.