Petition Initiated Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ)

A TIRZ can be created by:

  • Petition of property owners in the TIRZ, known as "petition-initiated" or
  • Designated by the City, known as "city-initiated."

Petition-initiated TIRZ allow property owners, residents and project developers to contract with the City to bring high-quality development/redevelopment to areas that have not seen any significant development in recent history. 

TIRZ No. TIRZ Name Documents (PDF)
6 Mission del Lago
10 Stablewood Farms
12 Plaza Fortuna
13 Lackland Hills
15 North East Crossing
17 Mission Creek
19 Hallie Heights
21 Heather's Cove
25 Hunter's Pond
35 Tarasco Gardens
36 Thea Meadows