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Universal Housing Design in San Antonio, Texas


Universal Desing Logo (R)

Universal Housing incorporates 7 specific design features into all new homes constructed with City of San Antonio financial assistance. (Ordinance No. 95641, April 2002).


Features Include:

  • At least one no-step entrance with 36 inch door.

Front door of home

  • Lever door handles on all doors and plumbing fixtures   

Door with lever handles

  • Location of electrical controls between 48 and 15 inches above the finished floor

AC / Heater controls

  •  Accessible route to the public right of way streets and sidewalks

Accessible route from home   

  • Minimum 32 inch wide interior doors

A 32 inch interior door

  • Minimum 36 inch wide hallways

36 inch hallway

  • All bathroom walls reinforced around toilet and shower / tub for future installation of grab bars

Bathroom with grab bars.

Who Benefits from a universally designed home

  • Small children and grandparents
  • People with temporary or permanent disabilities        
  • People who with to remain in their homes as they age
  • Furniture and appliance movers (moving day)
  • Visitors with mobility problems
  • And many others...


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