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Maintenance Programs

FY 2014-2018 Infrastructure Management Program (IMP)

The Infrastructure Management Program (IMP) is a five-year rolling program which focuses on the maintenance of San Antonio’s Infrastructure. Service needs are identified city wide and are scheduled for street maintenance, alley maintenance, drainage maintenance, sidewalks, traffic signals, pavement markings and Advanced Transportation District (ATD) related projects.

The IMP provides the City of San Antonio a structured program schedule, potential for additional multiple year contract awards and improved utility coordination. During the budget process for each City fiscal year, the IMP is presented to City Council for approval. Amendments may occur throughout the year due to coordination with utilities or unforeseen conditions, such as inclement weather. The goal of the IMP is to provide the best possible maintenance for the City of San Antonio.

Street Maintenane
Street Maintenance Program
Over 300 street maintenance projects are completed by in-house and contract forces on an annual basis. Each street project improves the integrity of our streets and rehabilitates our roadway network City wide. In addition, a comprehensive Pavement Preservation Program was established in 2011 to help minimize deterioration through the use of sealant applications.
Alley Maintenance
Alley Maintenance Program
Through a collaborative effort between Public Works and Solid Waste Management, the various service alleys are reconstructed city wide on an annual basis. Public Works also coordinates with utilities such as SAWS and CPS to replace aging water, sewer and gas lines.
Drainage Maintenance
Drainage Maintenance Program
Drainage maintenance addresses debris removal within our Natural Creeks and restores the shape of constructed channels to ensure proper water flow. Criteria for projects to be placed on the list for drainage maintenance are dependent upon: imminent danger to private property and safety to citizens, impact to infrastructure, debris volume, number of citizen service requests, and density of development. This maintenance cycle may have minor adjustments when conditions of a specific facility may warrant being moved up on our maintenance schedule.
Sidewalks Program
Sidewalks projects are constructed annually throughout the City to help make San Antonio a more walkable community. In 2009 the first Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Sidewalk Transition Plan was established city wide. Keeping the same goal in mind to provide a walkable community environment, attention is also being focused to ensure sidewalks and crosswalks are ADA compliant and available to all citizens.
Traffic Signals
Traffic Signal Program
There are over 1,300 traffic signals city wide, some of which are positioned upon wood poles. As part of the Traffic Signal Program, traffic signals are being upgraded from wood poles to mast arm assemblies. New traffic signals are also being installed annually as part of this program.
Pavement Markings
Pavement Markings Program
Ensuring pavement markings on our roadway network is important to ensuring traffic safety. An estimated 1,100 miles of roadway have some type of marking that must be maintained.
ATD Improvements
The Advanced Transportation District (ATD)
Improvements Program

Advanced Transportation Funds provide the City with the opportunity to implement projects to improve transportation mobility. Improvements are made to areas such as school crosswalks, bicycle facilities and traffic lights city wide.

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