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Pavement Markings: Improved Shoulders/Parking Lanes

Improved shoulders/parking lanes are areas along the edge of the roadway created by marking an eight-inch wide solid white stripe parallel to the curb or edge of the pavement. A minimum of seven feet from the edge of pavement is needed for a designated marked parking lane. The width is sufficient to allow parking for vehicles but not be mistaken as travel lanes, creating confusion for motorists. For wider roadways, hatch stripes may be added between the vehicle travel lane and the shoulder to serve as a buffer.

Improved Shoulders


  • Narrows the motor vehicle travel lane which may cause motorists to reduce their operating speeds
  • Seven to eight foot improved shoulders may serve as a parking lane
  • Keeps vehicles further away from the side of the roadway providing a buffer area next to the sidewalk


  • Markings require continuous maintenance
  • Not as effective when markings are faded
  • Level of speed reduction is usually minimal

Eligibility Considerations

  • Street width must exceed 36 feet
  • Street must not be classified as an arterial roadway


Reduced Speed One Star   Reduced Volume No Star
Enhanced Safety One Star   Maintenance Three Star

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