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Speed Humps: Speed Humps

Speed humps are pre-formed rubber cushions applied to the road surface and are uncomfortable to negotiate at high operating speeds.

Speed Humps


  • Effective in reducing vehicle speeds
  • Relatively easy for bicyclists to cross


  • Makes traveling on the roadway uncomfortable for motorists and may increase noise
  • Increases emergency vehicle response time by 8-10 seconds when installed in pairs
  • Requires continuous maintenance

Eligibility Considerations

  • A completed traffic calming request form, containing signatures of 2/3 of the residents whose property lies along the street segment of the study area
  • The street segment must be primarily a residential street or provide access to abutting residential properties
  • Street must not have more than one lane of travel in each direction
  • Must not be a designated as an arterial street on the Major Thoroughfare Plan
  • Speed limit must be 30 mph
  • The street segment must be at least a 1/4 mile long without interruption by a traffic control device or other traffic calming feature
  • The street segment must not be within 1/4 mile from a Fire Department facility that it significantly interferes with emergency vehicle operations


Reduced Speed One Star   Reduced Volume No Star
Enhanced Safety One Star   Maintenance Three Star

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