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Traffic Management

The Department of Public Works is responsible for maintaining our City’s traffic management system which includes traffic signals, pavement markings, signs, and more. Through the use of traffic studies, City staff is able to collect and analyze data to ensure the best traffic related treatments are implemented city wide to provide motorists and pedestrians an optimal traveling experience. Below you will find more detailed information. If there is a resource that would be helpful to you and it is not available, please let us know by contacting us at

IMP Button   Traffic Studies
Traffic studies involve the collection and analysis of traffic data to aid engineers in their decision-making and planning processes.
TSSM Button   Traffic Signal Management
A five-year Traffic Signal System Modernization (TSSM) Program was established in 2007 to re-time the City’s 1,300 traffic signals, scheduled to be complete in 2012. The goal was to enhance traffic efficiency on our existing roadways using existing infrastructure. At the completion of this program, all traffic signals will continue to be evaluated for needed timing adjustments annually.
Traffic Calming Handbook Button   Traffic Calming Handbook
The Traffic Calming Handbook provides a variety of traffic calming options aimed at reducing vehicle speeds and/or volumes of non-local traffic in residential areas.
TSSM Button   Pavement Markings
Ensuring pavement markings on our roadway network is important to ensuring traffic safety. An estimated 1,100 miles of roadway have some type of marking that must be maintained.

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